Construction in Corfu

Our contracting company undertakes all types of residential, commercial and industrial projects providing a comprehensive building construction and refurbishment service. With more than 18 years in the construction and renovation industry in Corfu Island, we expertise in personalized luxury villas.

Corfu Contracting Company | Construction in Corfu

with Specialists

Based on each project’s needs, the company works in partnership with consultants, engineers, architects, interior designers and other specialists. We ensure everything from the initial layout through the final build. 
The construction of the building is done with a strict timetable which is followed faithfully and the delivery of the construction is always done at the agreed time.

Renovation in Corfu

If you wish to renovate or extend your existing property, we guarantee a perfect outcome. Even if you are considering adding a pool, a garage or an extra living space, our specialized partnerships enable us to complete renovations quickly, economically and with excellent results.
In each phase of the construction or the renovation of your building, you are updated with integrity and transparency. Yiannis Dervisis Contracting company offers you a complete turn-key solution that is tailored to your specific needs, building long-term relationships of trust.

Corfu Contracting Company | Construction in Corfu

Construction Project Management

As a contracting company, we undertake the complete management of your construction project, according to your requests. We ensure the effective preparation, planning, analysis of risk aspects, procurement, execution, project control, contract management and completion of the project within the defined time and cost frame. Our team of experts reviews budget, time schedules, designs, specifications, project contracts, etc. before work commences in order to be aware and find solutions to emerging issues.